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Sebastian Junger: Why veterans miss war
by TED
Posted 6 years ago ∗ Views: 2,446,257
Civilians don't miss war. But soldiers often do. Journalist Sebastian Junger shares his experience embedded with American soldiers at Restrepo, an out..
My escape from North Korea | Hyeonseo Lee
by TED
Posted 7 years ago ∗ Views: 9,872,674
As a child growing up in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee thought her country was "the best on the planet." It wasn't until the famine of the 90s that she be..
This is what it's like to go undercover in North Korea | Suki Kim
by TED
Posted 5 years ago ∗ Views: 2,573,137
For six months, Suki Kim worked as an English teacher at an elite school for North Korea's future leaders — while writing a book on one of the world..
How to raise a black son in America | Clint Smith
by TED
Posted 5 years ago ∗ Views: 316,216
As kids, we all get advice from parents and teachers that seems strange, even confusing. This was crystallized one night for a young Clint Smith, who ..
Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Posted 1 week ago ∗ Views: 526,233
Rachel Maddow looks at reporting that shows a string of cases related to Donald Trump that are being influenced by William Barr either to help Trump's..
The family I lost in North Korea. And the family I gained | Joseph Kim
by TED
Posted 7 years ago ∗ Views: 1,143,068
A refugee now living in the US, Joseph Kim tells the story of his life in North Korea during the famine years. He's begun to create a new life -- but ..
Replacing Rule Of Law Violates The Trust At Heart Of US Life | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Posted 1 week ago ∗ Views: 110,363
Timothy Snyder, Yale University history professor and author of "On Tyranny," talks with Rachel Maddow about how the rule of law form a basis of trust..
A prosecutor's vision for a better justice system | Adam Foss
by TED
Posted 4 years ago ∗ Views: 343,325
When a kid commits a crime, the US justice system has a choice: prosecute to the full extent of the law, or take a step back and ask if saddling young..
Hans Rosling: Global population growth, box by box
by TED
Posted 10 years ago ∗ Views: 1,097,778 The world's population will grow to 9 billion over the next 50 years -- and only by raising the living standards of the poorest can..
'General Flynn was set up': KT McFarland
by Fox Business
Posted 1 week ago ∗ Views: 171,037
Former Trump deputy national security adviser KT McFarland, who served under former national security adviser Michael Flynn, tells FOX Business' Trish..
Poverty isn't a lack of character; it's a lack of cash | Rutger Bregman
by TED
Posted 3 years ago ∗ Views: 998,480
"Ideas can and do change the world," says historian Rutger Bregman, sharing his case for a provocative one: guaranteed basic income. Learn more about ..
Anand Giridharadas: A tale of two Americas. And the mini-mart where they collided
by TED
Posted 5 years ago ∗ Views: 430,707
Ten days after 9/11, a shocking attack at a Texas mini-mart shattered the lives of two men: the victim and the attacker. In this stunning talk, Anand ..
Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We’re not ready
by TED
Posted 5 years ago ∗ Views: 887,331
In 2014, the world avoided a horrific global outbreak of Ebola, thanks to thousands of selfless health workers — plus, frankly, thanks to some very ..
Chris Hayes: The Only Thing To Stop Trump Is Us | All In | MSNBC
Posted 1 week ago ∗ Views: 465,599
Chris Hayes: “The thing stopping the President from doing whatever he wants are people mobilizing and organizing.” Aired on 02/14/20. » Subscribe..
How to separate fact and fiction online | Markham Nolan
by TED
Posted 7 years ago ∗ Views: 141,152
By the end of this talk, there will be 864 more hours of video on YouTube and 2.5 million more photos on Facebook and Instagram. So how do we sort thr..
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