The Slave Circle Extra Takes - Jenny (Former Cydcor Account Manager)
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 Published On Aug 21, 2020

Jenny details sexism, lies, psychological manipulation, and cult-like behavior while working for a Cydcor franchise.

00:01:13 - Fresh out of college; cult-like lovebombing and thought-control tactics
00:09:03 - Charismatic owner (cult-leader) with another job and a family inheritance
00:11:31 - Owners ignoring sexism: "It's all in your head."
00:15:51 - The Harm of the "Boss Babe" Mentality
00:18:00 - Sexist manipulation in the office
00:20:22 - Putting Cydcor before personal health, and feeling guilty and weak otherwise
00:23:37 - I was making the most money in the office: $300 a week for 50-60 hours of work
00:26:42 - Lying to customers about AT&T rates
00:28:18 - Getting a minimum-wage job plus tips: "I can breathe now!"
00:29:32 - Feeling like a worthless zero
00:32:56 - Taking a mental health day after a funeral = a critical conversation
00:36:54 - Advice to high school and college students

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