25 John Wick Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
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 Published On Jun 02, 2019

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Just when you thought Keanu Reeves couldn’t have a bigger trilogy than The Matrix -- in comes the little action franchise that could -- John Wick. The world assassins is full of deep mythology, great twists, and plenty of epic action moments. Now we’re going to cash in some gold coins to pull back the curtains and reveal some surprising facts about all three movies in the franchise! While John Wick movies are filled with fight after fight, they all typically lead up to an epic showdown. To help top the epic mirror fight scene in John Wick 2, the production put together a massive glass wall set inside the Continental for John Wick Chapter 3. Besides his parished wife, John Wick pretty much seems like a loner. Sure, he has a few allies throughout the trilogy, but there’s no mention of extended family. One question we have to ask -- is he released to Tommy Wick? John Wick doesn’t just kill HUNDREDS of people in the course of three movies -- he does it in style. Rivaling James Bond any day, John Wick has a suit that is both fashionable and practical. The suit jacket and pants are made with a bulletproof material.

So let’s dive into every John Wick movie to reveal some surprising fun facts about the actors, sets, and small plot details! See some clues about Chapter 4 as well! And a quick warning -- there will be MAJOR spoilers for John Wick Chapter 3 -- starting with the very first entry! Enjoy!

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