IT'S FINALLY FINISHED! Resin Mehrunes' Razor Dagger | SKYRIM
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 Published On Nov 29, 2019

Bill made this Mehrunes' Razor kit 7 years ago for a commission but never made one for himself! Now it's finally time to clean up this kit and give a coat of paint so it can join Bill's growing collection of Skyrim daggers!


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Tools & Materials:

Tools used in almost every video

Round grinding bit - Amazon

Body Filler - Amazon

Metal spatula - Amazon

Scotch Brite Pad - Amazon

Double stick tape - Amazon

FlexBond - Rosco

Paint thinner - Amazon

Tamiya Masking Tape - Amazon

Alclad II Aqua Gloss - Amazon

5-Minute Epoxy - Amazon

Rub n' Buff - Amazon

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