Descendants 3: Carlos Has Changed More Than You Think
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 Published On May 07, 2019

Watch How Carlos Has Evolved From The Beginning To End Of Descendants
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Calling all "Descendants" fans! We here at TheThings believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Fortunately, King Ben also thinks this way, which is why Carlos De Vil was invited to attend Auradon Prep in the first place. Despite being the son of the vicious fur-enthusiast Cruella De Vil, Carlos managed to keep his heart pure throughout the years. Anyone who loves the "Descendants" franchise knows that the movies just wouldn't be the same without Carlos. This kind and faithful friend is always there for those who need him. He's voyaged to the Isle and back to discover who he truly is, and we're serious when we say that the boy deserves a standing ovation.

Carlos has come a long way from being Cruella De Vil's shy and gullible son. He's proven time and time again that he's wicked in spirit but not in nature. Tune in to TheThings to witness Carlos' evolution from start to finish. You don't want to miss it!

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