Conspiracy Theories and Bitcoin [Prepping YOU for Awkward Comments at Holiday Meals] CRYPTO COMEDY
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 Published On Dec 17, 2020

Ready to laugh? Need some crypto comedy? Let's talk about conspiracy theories and bitcoin. Watch this excerpt from the Awkward Holiday Conversations livestream where Andreas jokingly answers the question, "What can I say to my friend who believes in conspiracy theories and thinks bitcoin is on the side of banks and evil elites?"

0:00 Question: A friend of mine believes in conspiracy theories and he thinks bitcoin is on the side of banks and "evil elites". What can I say?
0:24 Unfriending family can be... difficult
1:26 I am not doing an illuminati sign -- IT'S A FACE PALM WHILE LOOKING AT THE CAMERA
2:41 The escalation technique. Test the boundaries of your friends willingness to believe conspiracy theories related to bitcoin and beyond!

Watch the entire Awkward Holiday Conversation Livestream (it's all crypto comedy):

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About aantonop: Who knew Andreas was a crypto comedian? If you've watched any of his livestream events, you know that he sprinkles comedy into every event. He's also known for making jokes even in his most serious talks. It's one of the things people like most about his philosophical, political, and technical talks on bitcoin, ethereum, open blockchains, and how they will impact our societies. Andreas isn't promoting a company or an organization; he's paid by the community (people who support this work on Patreon and YouTube) and provides an unbiased look at open blockchain technologies, what they can do for our societies, and how to get involved (if you decide you want to). Learn more at

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