IT WORKS! 3D Printing Iron Man's Endgame Arc Reactor
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 Published On Jun 17, 2019

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Join Bill as he creates his own Mark 50 Arc Reactor that lights up and sits on his chest like magic!

Music from
"Joy" by Alex Keren
"I Love Us" by Katrina Stone
"Ancestors - Instrumental" by Alex Keren
"Hope" by Roman P


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Arc Reactor Files


Tools & Materials:

Ultimaker 2+ Extended - Ultimaker

ABS Filament - Amazon

Gloves - Amazon

Flush Cutters - Amazon

Fine Files - Amazon

Sandpaper - Amazon

EL Panel - Amazon

Battery Pack - Amazon

Transparency Paper - Amazon

Hobby Knife - Amazon

Grease & Wax Remover - Amazon

Blue Shop Towels - Amazon

Fine Surface Primer - Amazon

Tamiya Spray Paint - Amazon

Rotating paint stand - Amazon

Tamiya Gold Leaf - Amazon

Acrlylic Paint - Amazon

Hot glue - Amazon

Wire Snips/Strippes - Amazon

Heat Shrink Tubing - Amazon

22 Gauge Wire - Amazon

Connector - Amazon

Rare Earth Magnets - Amazon

Optional Tools:

Form 2 SLA Printer - Amazon

70% Isopropyl Alcohol - Amazon

UV Light - Amazon

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