Descendants 3: The Heartbreaking Backstory Behind Carlos
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 Published On Mar 27, 2019

Do You Know The Truth About Carlos's Backstory Before Descendants?
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Did you know that Carlos from Disney’s “Descendants” had a pretty awful childhood? It may seem obvious if you think about it. After all, his mother is Cruella De Vil. Her name says it all. And after you hear about what she did to Carlos, you’ll agree. The renowned villain lives up to her name. After all, she’s a cruel devil through and through. Carlos' mother actually instilled an irrational fear of dogs in him. She did this so that she could maintain control over her son at all times.

Sadly, Carlos had to grapple with a lot more than just the abuse and control of his puppy crazed mother. He was also bullied by his peers. Carlos had to put up with a lot from the other villain kids before he was accepted into the gang. Here is the story of Carlos’ hardships and struggles before he came to Auradon Prep.

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