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 Published On Mar 15, 2021

Since 2015, the initiative "Lulu dans ma rue" has brought some village feel to Paris. True to the adage 'Metro, work, sleep', many Parisians don’t know their neighbors. During the pandemic, many are isolated and lonely. The Lulus aim to change that.

The French capital’s arrondissements, or districts, were once like little villages - each with its own distinctive neighborhood feel. But for many, life in Paris has become as anonymous as in other big cities. The Lulus aim to change that. They help out with jobs big and small: from hanging paintings to renovating bathrooms. We accompany three Lulus: Pascal, Quentin and Johnny. As well as providing services, they can alleviate at least some residents' loneliness - especially important during times of coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions on human contact. And in doing so, the Lulus are not only helping their clients. A report by Lisa Louis.

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