Descendants 3: The Sad Backstory Behind Uma
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 Published On Mar 22, 2019

Find Out The Real Reason Why Uma Is So Evil!
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Welcome back "Descendants" fans! Today we're going to put the villainous Uma under the microscope to find out what makes her who she is. When the first "Descendants" movie came out in 2011, fans didn't have the slightest clue who Uma was. But, by the time "D2" came around, she was introduced as the big bad. She's wicked, fashionable, and intense, which is why she's quickly become a fan favorite. We're curious to find out if Uma will shed her evil ways come "Descendants 3." After all, it looks like Auradon and the VKs have bigger fish to fry. Will Uma join the good side and let go of the past?

Tune in to find out if Uma is truly as wicked as she pretends to be. We'll explain why Ursula's daughter hates Mal more than anything, and why she may be the victim in all of this. We'll also shine some light on who Uma's father could potentially be.

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