7 Odd Things Harry Potter And Onward Have In Common
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 Published On Apr 25, 2020

Harry Potter and Onward Have More Things In Common Than You Know
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Lots of movies are similar to one another. The Avengers and Justice League, say. Or maybe Star Wars and Star Trek. Game of Thrones and Lord of The Rings. You get the picture.

But it’s not often that you have two movies that are both about normal teenagers who, out of nowhere, get swept up into the world of magic and wizardry. If you couldn’t tell, we’re talking about Onward and Harry Potter. But it’s not just the wizard thing, the similarities between these two run very deep.

The two movies treat unicorns and pixies almost exactly the same as one another. They both feature some dangerous adventures in booby-trapped caves. And at the emotional core of both of these movies: daddy issues! But that’s only the beginning.


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