Tesla Model Y Review: The BEST Electric Vehicle Ever?
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 Published On Jul 09, 2020

Tesla Model Y Review: Is it the best electric vehicle for the money in 2020?
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0:00 Tesla Model Y Review
0:10 Model Y Overview
1:33 Config & Pricing
2:49 Model Y Delivery
3:18 Design Overview
4:31 Tesla App
5:44 Model Y Interior
7:14 Size & Storage
8:33 Power Liftgate Hatchback
10:55 Height & Seats
12:42 Performance
14:43 Battery & Efficiency
16:02 Charging & Supercharging
18:52 Driving Experience
21:59 Software & Touchscreen
25:23 Tesla Autopilot
28:11 Safety
29:19 Fit & Finish
30:16 Conclusion

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The Model Y is Tesla’s latest vehicle to their all-electric lineup, and many people think it will quickly become the most successful best-selling Tesla ever. After becoming a Tesla owner myself in 2018 I’ve helped thousands of people make the decision of whether to buy a Tesla or not, and in this video I’ll share my full in-depth review of a Tesla Model Y that I rented for a week so you can find out if it actually lives up to the hype. Tesla says the Model Y is a fully electric mid-size sport utility vehicle, but it can also be considered a compact crossover because it’s based on the same platform of Tesla’s cheaper Model 3 sedan and shares about 75% of the same parts, with the biggest differences being Model Y’s bigger cargo space and a powered lift gate hatchback instead of a manual trunk. This particular Model Y is a midnight silver Long Range AWD with 20” Induction wheels, 5-seat black interior and basic Autopilot. The total cost after sales tax was right around $60,000. So as you can see from its price tag, the Model Y is considered a luxury vehicle. But is it worth that much money? Tesla Model Y has an attractive design and provides the best things about the Model 3 with even more space at an elevated view, while being much more affordable than Tesla’s only other SUV - the Model X. The Model Y is pretty much the only option for people who want a fully electric hatchback vehicle with at least 300 miles of range, along with the high level of performance and quickness.

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