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 Published On Feb 25, 2019

Bill learns some leather working basics from his buddy Gregg of Bjorn's Workshop, our local (not for long) leather expert! Together they cover some beginner tools and techniques and make Bill an awesome holster!


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Tools & Materials:

8-10 oz. Veg-Tan Leather, Double Shoulder - Amazon

Double Cap Rivets - Amazon

Leather Hole Punch (Pliers Style) - Amazon

Leather Hole Punch (Traditional Style) - Amazon

Compass/Wing Dividers - Amazon

Strap End Punch - Amazon

Bee's Wax - Amazon

Bone Folder - Amazon

Edge Beveler - Amazon

Burnishing Tool - Amazon

Box Knife - Amazon

Measuring Tape - Amazon

Wool Daubers - Amazon

Antique Finish/Paste (Dark Brown) - Amazon

Burnishing Gum (Tokonole) - Amazon

Pro-Resist - Amazon

Leather Stamps - Amazon

Swivel Knife - Amazon

Tool Holder - Amazon

Rotary Tool Burnisher - Amazon

Leather Shears (optional) - Amazon

Poster Board - Local Craft Store

Hobby Knife - Amazon

Leather Strop - Amazon

Spray Bottle - Amazon

Leatherworking Maul - Amazon

Marble/Granite Surface - Amazon
(But also check local counter makers!)

Beveler Stamp - Amazon

Blue Shop Towels - Amazon

Rivet Press (Optional) - Tandy Leather

Snap Rivets - Amazon

Large Plastic Bowl - Amazon

Plastic Wrap - Amazon

Strap cutter - Amazon

123 Blocks - Amazon

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