Descendants 3: Why The Villain Kids Only Have One Parent
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 Published On May 17, 2019

The Real Reason These Descendants Kids Only Have One Parent Each
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We’ve seen just how mean the parents of the villain kids in Disney’s “Descendants” can be. But why do they all only have one parent? What happened to their missing parents? Unless there is some sort of villain kid incubator underground on the Isle of the Lost, they must have two parents each somewhere. We may have cracked the code as to why the VKs only have one parent each. We found some theories that are totally surprising.

Everyone is pretty certain that Mal’s dad is Hades. But what about Evie? Is her dad out there somewhere too? And Jay must have a mother somewhere. Carlos has a puppy hungry mother, but where did his father go? And Celia’s mom is also nowhere to be found. It’s a great mystery in the “Descendants” world, and we are determined to figure it out. Here is a list of theories that solve the puzzle as to who the VKs missing parents could be, and why they all come from single parent homes. Watch until the end to see the unlikely sibling match we may have uncovered.

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