The Slave Circle Extra Takes - Maria (Former Cydcor Admin)
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 Published On Sep 04, 2020

Maria shares her experience as an admin for a Cherry Hill, New Jersey Cydcor franchise.

00:00:34 - Multiple Red Flags: I had no idea what the job was; National admin calls
00:05:22 - Performing the job after finding "The Slave Circle" - Staying for the Owner
00:07:45 - The vague and "tough" interview process
00:10:09 - Tailoring the deceit in the script
00:17:15 - The lies and deception in Cydcor job ads
00:19:27 - Being deceitful: "Get comfortable with it."
00:20:54 - How questions are framed
00:23:33 - Payment deception during COVID-19
00:28:24 - Phone call with owner: Getting paid less for working a full day
00:34:30 - Phone call with owner: Questioning the systems and the impulse factors
00:37:31 - "We don't have to go into full detail about what the position is."
00:39:33 - Phone call with owner: Leaving out details during the interview
00:41:31 - Admin "Sales" quota: 100 calls each day; 20 interviews each day
00:44:02 - Phone call with owner: Relationship with Cydcor
00:47:01 - Phone call with owner: "It sounds like you want to step away."
00:48:30 - Phone call with Top Admin: An Admin's Pitch (Controlling the Conversation)
00:51:45 - Candidates who ask a lot of questions are "really weird."
00:54:38 - Handling Questions on the phone
00:58:12 - Phone call with Top Admin: Getting people in the door for interviews
00:59:54 - Phone call with Top Admin: Straight-up lying to build relationships & get them in the door.
01:03:38 - Phone call with Top Admin: Changing the names of specific position titles (Keep Your Deception Consistent)
01:06:02 - Phone call with Top Admin: Secret shopping other offices in the area
01:08:32 - Takeaways & Advice for job seekers
01:10:42 - Cult-like Mentality: Why weren't you at Team Night?

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