Sami Yusuf - Taha (Live at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music)
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 Published On Feb 05, 2020

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Maqām: Bayātī

This completely new arrangement of ‘Taha’ was performed live at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music in Morocco in 2019. The words are from a mystical Sufi poem by the Sudanese/Egyptian Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari (d. 1979) who taught and lived at the famous al-Azhar University in Cairo. The inspiration behind the melody comes from a well-loved folk song that is famous from India to Central Asia, from the Middle East to the Balkans, and all across North Africa. In this unique interplay of musical and literary traditions, Sami Yusuf is accompanied by master instrumentalists from around the world and is joined by several backing vocalists as well as the renowned Moroccan singer Ismail Boujiya.


Words by Shaykh Salih al-Ja'fari & Imam Mohammed Al-Jazuli (Dala’il al-Khayrat)
Additional Lyrics by Mohammed Ali El Oumari and Abdel Ilah Ikhal
Music: Traditional Islamic (unknown provenance)
Additional Composition and Arrangement by Sami Yusuf

FOH & Recording Engineer: Sachin Savio
Monitor Engineer: Diego Biagioni

Mixed & Mastered by Vishnu Rajan @ Andante Studios
Video Editing & Postproduction by Omar Al-Balushi @ Andante Studios

PERFORMERS (From right to left):

Seyyed Mohammad Jaberi: daf, bendir & vocals
Ömer Avci: bendir, tef, kudum & vocals
Onur Cicin: qanun
Sezgin Yaman: oud
Emre Kayacan: kemanche
Hasan Kirkisoglu: ney
Mahyar Toreihi: santoor
Hüseyin Can Pala: bağlama


Sami Yusuf

Special thanks to Ismail Boujia & his group for joining as guest vocalists (From right to left):

Mostafa El Lachkar
Ismail Boujia
Elouafi Mohammed
Hamza Idrissi
Mohammed El Alami
Abderrazak Idrissi


Recorded at the 2019 Festival, 'Live at the Fes Festival' is a celebration of sacred music inspired by a rich legacy of mystical poems, rhythms, and melodies that span centuries. Here Sami Yusuf is accompanied in these new works by master musicians from around the world performing on traditional instruments, and is joined by the renowned Moroccan singer Ismail Boujia and his group.

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