[BE039] Sulaiman AS & His Mighty Unique Kingdom
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 Published On Sep 17, 2020

Assalamualaikum, All Praises And Thanks To Allah SWT. We Sent Blessings And Salute Upon Our Leader Muhammad SAW & Upon His Blessed Family & Upon His Beloved Companions...

"And To David We Gave Solomon. An Excellent Servant, Indeed He Was One Repeatedly Turning Back [To Allah ]." - (Surah Sad: 30)

What An Incredible Slave. What An Amazing Slave Of Allah. His Quality That Makes Him A Really Amazing Slave Is He Keeps His Heart Turning Back To Allah Over And Over And Over And Over Again. What Did Sulaiman AS Inherit From His Father? Inherited From Him Prophethood & Kingdom. He Said Oh Allah! Give Me A Kingdom That Will Occur To Nobody Else After Me, Verily! You Are The Bestower. Lets Start Moving And Seeing What Allah SWT Gave Sulaiman AS. He Gave Him Knowledge, He gave Him Wisdom, He Gave Him Prophethood, He Gave Him The Abilty To Judge Between People In The Most Correct Manner. Allah SWT Gave Sulaiman AS The Understanding Of
The Language Of The Birds & The Animals. Allah SWT Gave Him The Power To Control The Wind. And Allah SWT Says And We Made A Fountain Of Brass To Flow For Him. Over And Above That Allah SWT Gave Him The Power To Control The Jinn Kind All Of Them Under His Authority. And Allah SWT Also Says What An Excellent Worshipper, He Too Use To Turn To Us Often.

Speakers:- Mufti Ismail Ibn Musa Menk, Sheikh Shady Al Suleiman, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan & Saeed Mohamed

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