Why You Should NOT Buy a Tesla!
Chandler David Smith Chandler David Smith
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 Published On Nov 25, 2020

In this video, Chandler explains some of the glaring negatives of owning a Tesla. He also talks about why a good chunk of the population should not buy one!

Chandler has been investing in real estate for the last eight years. He currently owns 114 units of rental real estate and 73 storage units. Chandler has used his active income to create a passive income and his passive income to purchase the fun stuff. One of those fun purchases was the Tesla model 3 performance. In this video, Chandler shares why some people should not buy a Tesla. He talks about a lot of the little corks of owning a Tesla but then specifically talks about the major issues with battery life and charging. Chandler shares an experience where his battery was draining 3 to 4 times faster then what the the battery life the car said it would hold. This video breaks down why a Tesla is definitely not for the average family. Teslas are incredible but this video helps you understand why you should not buy it as your daily driver.

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