DIY Speaker Driver Tutorial (Aperiodic 3-way Loudspeaker from Scratch)
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 Published On Dec 02, 2020

In this video, I show the process of making good sounding DIY speaker drivers. I also make aperiodic enclosures for the drivers. I got inspiration from this video:

Home Made Speaker Driver - Sorin, DIY electrical nerd
I only wanted to pay a little bit more attention to the quality of the parts and materials. However, you may want to watch that video also, to get a better idea how to do some of the steps.

I made most of the parts myself, but the spider and the surround were bought from GS-Audio (link below). They offer a lot of different speaker driver parts.

The metal parts for the magnetic structure are somewhat hard to find. It may of course depend on where you live. However, most shops only sell that stuff in large quantities. If you can tolerate some imperfection, you may want to check out s355 structural steel. It has somewhat sufficient permeability and magnetic saturation. Some companies cut steel pipes and steel bars, and ship them even in large quantities.

If you have any question about building a speaker driver (or an aperiodic enclosure), feel free to ask in the comments. There's a lot of information I didn't include in the video, because I wanted to keep it easy to follow.

Warning! if you try making a good speaker driver at home, don't be surprised if it gets expensive. If you want to reduce the costs, you will have to make a compromise with the quality of the design and the materials.

Some useful links:
Software for designing magnet structures:
Speaker driver parts and kits:
Software for enclosure and crossover design:
Software for frequency response and impedance measurements

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