Wheel Offset and Backspacing Explained
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 Published On Nov 14, 2016


In this CJ's Resource Center video, Freddy & the crew at CJ's explain wheel offset and backspacing. No matter how you want to cruise the road, CJ's has your answer for the perfect wheel fitment!

Track and geometry of your car/truck transform once you start customizing with wheel backspacing and offsets. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. That's why it's imperative that you know what your vehicle's clearances are or you consult a professional before purchasing aftermarket wheels.

Knowing what you want is half the battle. Are you looking for a more aggressive lower offset or a more conservative higher offset?

A lower offset enables a wider stance, with the wheels sitting closer to the edge of the fender. This drastically improves the visual appeal of your ride but also runs the risk of damaging fenders due to your wheels being further out.

Eliminating any possibility of damaging your fenders, a higher offset wheel will sit further inward. The drawback of having a higher offset wheel is the reduced clearance between the inner edge of the wheel and the suspension components.

On the subject of clearance, the next thing to worry about with aftermarket wheels is backspacing. Whether you have stock brakes or you have an aftermarket brake kit, it's imperative that you know the correct backspacing so you don't run into clearance issues with the caliper.

Depending on how you want the aesthetics of your stance to resonate, it’s important to check with a professional before purchasing aftermarket wheels. Ensuring a proper offset and backspacing delivers your desirable style and the correct clearance is going to save you a lot of potential headache down the road.

Show us your own stance on the subject by posting a picture of your killer wheels to any of our social media pages and stay tuned for some great new installments. Also, if you have any tips, tricks or recommendations, don't hesitate to shout out to us. Post in the comments below, we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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