The Slave Circle Extra Takes - Mollie (Former Credico Charity Team Leader)
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 Published On Apr 02, 2020

Former Team Leader Mollie details her experiences of working for several Credico companies on the streets of the United Kingdom, as a hired contractor for Personal Fundraising Services (PFS), representing charities like the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS), Childlife, and National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

00:00:35 - "I knew something was off...but I was desperate."
00:03:19 - A Credico company, collecting money on the streets for charities
00:07:47 - Getting paid; I put all my morals away.
00:11:50- Direct Debit: If you're signing up with these people on the street, you're not the smartest.
00:14:34- The Charity Scam Script
00:18:30 - When did you see this was a scam?
00:20:25 - "Don't let everyone down!"
00:22:26 - I don't think the charities know how extreme we are.
00:24:22 - Road Trip Manipulation
00:26:03 - The owner and assistant managers all lived together.
00:28:55 - Pyramid-shaped "opportunity"
00:30:07 - Would anything have kept you away from this "opportunity"?

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