This Is What Happens To Evie After Descendants 3
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 Published On Mar 10, 2019

Will Evie And Doug Live Happily Ever After? Find Out Here!
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Hey "Descendants" fans and welcome back to TheThings. The last installment of the "Descendants" franchise is predicted to come out sometime this summer. We're dying to find out what our favorite villains have been up to. The newest "Descendants" teaser trailer made us even more excited to see the film, and we have the Disney Channel to blame for that.

Evie and Doug have been going strong for a while now. But, some people think that Evie is out of his league. Graduation is coming up quick and the VKs are going to be faced with some tough choices. Is Evie's life going to become more wicked than ever? You'll just have to wait and see. We've got plenty of predictions for you and some involve a beautiful baby girl with dark blue hair. Tune in to find out if Evie and Doug's love will last. And, don't forget to subscribe to TheThings for more videos like this one.

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