Are BMWs Reliable?
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 Published On Oct 14, 2018

Are BMWs Reliable?

The age old question of whether or not BMWs are reliable. Sure, there's a short answer, but this video gives you the long answer. I also walk through some of the misconceptions about BMWs being unreliable and how they're actually as good as (if not better than) most car manufacturers today.

Are BMWs reliable? The short answer is no. The long answer is that they're very good, and in general they make the driving experience both fun and generally, the major components are reliable. There have been some issues (like rod bearings) over the years, but overall it's not the big engine components that are bringing you down.

Instead, it's the little electronics and the other small components that can get you. What's more, it's this way with other cars and their reliability. #BMW #reliability is every bit as good as any maker out there, and what they do right is ensure you don't drive around with a problem in your very expensive vehicle.

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