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 Published On Jun 01, 2019

Watch To See If The Real Villains Of Descendants Are Actually The Heroes?
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What if the heroes are the real villains in the “Descendants” franchise? If you look at it from the villains’ point of view, the heroes are guilty of imprisoning innocent people. The villains have been exiled, stripped of their power, and doomed to live out their days on a crowded island with no magic and no freedom. As Hades put it, that would drive anyone mad! Additionally, the villain kids were never given the choice to live anywhere else. They’re stuck on the Isle of the Lost due to the crimes their parents committed. That just doesn’t seem right.

So if Belle, Beast, and their son, Ben, are wrongfully imprisoning innocent children, that makes them seem pretty evil, right? But aren’t the villains the ones who are supposed to be despicable? Something doesn’t add up. Even Mal's got a dark past and a history of bullying, which we’ll talk about in this video. There's no use denying it; The heroes aren't as squeaky clean as they pretend to be.

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