2016 Dodge Charger Scat Pack Exterior/Interior Lights - Diode Dynamics LED's
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 Published On Apr 02, 2016

A quick video showing off all of the lights on the new Chargers! It's also a good way to show off the Interior LED lighting from Diode Dynamics!
Light list:
(1 Pair) 88 lumens door lights for my trunk (2 Lights Total) *The door and trunk lights are the same style, I just used the brightest door lights for my trunk;this is optional. Typically most people would just use the normal 38 lumens.
(1 Pair) 56 lumens Map Lights (2 Lights Total)
(1 Pair) 56 lumens Dome Lights (2 Lights Total)
1 56 lumens glove box light (1 Light Total)
(1 set) 8 lumens vanity lights (they're plenty bright) (4 Lights Total)
(2 Pair) 38 lumens Under Door Lights! (4 Lights Total)
If you own a 2011-2014 charger then add the licence plate bulb as well!

All of them are Cool White (6000k)

My intallation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn51W2fQSnE

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