EDITH — How Tony Stark Gets His Glasses
Dave Wiskus Dave Wiskus
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 Published On Mar 13, 2020

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Robert Downey Jr has appeared as Tony Stark in nine movies in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, wearing over thirty different pairs of glasses. In Spider-Man: Far From Home his glasses became an extension of Tony Stark and a character of their own. So how did a pair of sunglasses become the star of a billion-dollar movie?

It all starts in a warehouse in California in the ‘90s.

Written and directed by Dave Wiskus

Cody Cho — Dita PR
Michael Anthony Castillo — Director of Design, Dita
Tanya Howard — Founder, Prop Specs
Jason Kazmer — Founder, Initium
Mike Skierski — Eyewear Aficionado

Edited by Dave Wiskus
Archive Editing by Eric Schneider
Illustrations by Kate Willaert
Motion Graphics by Dom Burgess

CGP Grey
Kate Willaert

Music by Airplane Mode http://airplanemode.com

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