10 Affordable Electric Cars that Want to Outsell $35,000 Tesla Model 3
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 Published On Aug 24, 2019

Electric cars have covered a great distance over the past years. They started as either vehicles the likes Tesla Model S that could show great instant acceleration times and have great range, but come at a premium price, or affordable city commuters the likes of Nissan Leaf that was generally affordable but wasn't fit for long range riding.

Luckily, the industry started evolving at an unseen before pace and today besides Tesla and Nissan we have other players on the market that try to provide the best of the two wolds: they try to introduce more range, faster charging times and other high tech features, while remaining cheap enough for they could attract the fans of regular cars.

Today even Tesla started looking into the cheaper EV segment and introduced their Model 3 vehicle. While it seems to have everything one may need, it's still a 35-thousand dollar car and the real question is: could there be a more affordable option?

In this video presentation we tried to overview and compare all of the newest electric vehicles that want to outsell the mighty Model III. Please note that all media content in this video is shown educational and illustrative purposes. Information about makers of these automobiles could be found at the end of the video.

The budget car segment is competitive as never, will Peugeot, Nissan, Sono Motors, Renault and other makers be able to come close to Tesla? We will have to see to find out.

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