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 Published On Feb 19, 2017

Go to a store, spend $20 on materials, and build a lightsaber hilt! That's the challenge the PropTart community created and we decided to participate and build our own lightsabers. Our store of choice was the second-hand store Goodwill and we used plastic toy gun parts for most of our build.

It's awesome to see how many different lightsaber hilts were created in this challenge. The PropTarts are compiling a video of all the image submissions which, when it's complete, we'll link below.

This "Go Prop Yourself" challenge was created by the PropTarts and is called #gopropyourselflightsaber

1) Have fun!
2) $20 (or equivalent currency) or less in materials
3) All items purchased from the same store
4) Only use hand tools and a dremel (i.e. no 3D printing or lathe)
5) Painting is permitted and not included in the budget
6) There's no winners or prize, just challenge yourself and have fun!

If you're a part of the PropTarts Facebook group, you can see the full list of rules and submissions here:

Tools and Paint used:

Vaughan Pull Stroke Handsaw

Genesis Rotary Tool

Flush Cutter

Deburring Tool

Krylon Fusion Camo Plastic Paint

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer

Liquitex Heavy Body Paint

Tamiya Model Paint

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