How To Split Screen On iPad & iPad Pro Multitasking
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 Published On Oct 21, 2020

Here is how to split screen on iPad and iPad Pro Multitasking. Learning how to multitask on iPad Pro isn't hard although it is a bit tedious. Before you start iPad multitasking you want to make sure that you have both apps that you want to use open that way they can be accessed in the iPad split view. Once both apps are open you can use the iPad multitasking feature to work on both apps at the same time. You can make adjustments to each app size an even open the app up into a picture in picture mode. The hardest part is how to close the split screen on the iPad which we go over in the video. In this video split screen iOS 14 instructions are shown but they should work fairly similar for other versions of iOS

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Video Series

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