Frozen 2 Theory: The Truth About Anna's Powers
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 Published On Apr 18, 2019

Signs That Anna Will Have Powers In Frozen 2!
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The trailer for “Frozen 2” left us totally shook! We see Elsa using her magic to take on the sea. Anna jumps off a cliff. There is fire and darkness everywhere! And Kristoff looks like he’s headed into battle on the back of his trusted reindeer, Sven. There’s no question about it; This Disney sequel will be action-packed! But this trailer left us with a lot of questions and many theories. Because well, it sure looks like Anna might have some powers of her own!

In this video, we take a look at all the evidence hinting towards Anna having powers. We look at all the facts from the first movie and from the new trailer. This fan theory video will blow your mind! We can’t wait to see Anna in action in “Frozen 2.” Don't forget to subscribe to TheThings for all the latest Disney news and theories!

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