How Mark Zuckerberg manipulates everyone | Breaking down Congressional testimonies
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 Published On May 06, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg volunteered to come before Congress to clear his name and repair Facebook's reputation. During his testimony, Zuckerberg exhibited some of the most classic examples of marketing manipulation. This analysis of Zuckerberg's Congressional hearings shows how Mark Zuckerberg manipulates everyone through the power of best marketing techniques.

This video analyzes Zuckerberg's speaking and discussion methods from both of the Congressional hearings of Mark Zuckerberg over the data scandal with the Cambridge Analytica. Facebook is accused of mishandling the data of 87 million users, an incident about which Facebook hadn't notify its users for 2 years.

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The Senate hearing
The House hearing

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Some general stuff bout marketing techniques, if you want to get deeper into it:

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