How To Preserve Battery iPhone 12 Pro - iPhone 12 Battery Saving Tips
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 Published On Nov 03, 2020

Here is how to preserve battery iPhone 12 Pro. These iPhone 12 battery saving tips are easy to configure and will help the overall battery life and longevity of the iPhone battery. This video tutorial is full of iPhone battery saving tips that can be used to improve battery on iOS 14 and save battery on the iPhone 12 Pro Mini, Max Pro and even older iOS devices like the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone XR. When you use these strategies to preserve battery on the iPhone, you want to ensure that you set it up in a way to create a good balance of battery saving options while still maintaining a strong usability of your iPhone. If you have more iPhone 12 battery tips, feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

Skip Ahead - Chapters (TimeStamps)
00:00 Intro: How To Preserve Battery iPhone 12 Pro Max
00:47 Turn On Auto-Lock
01:17 Check Which Apps Are Using The Most Battery
02.57 How To Turn On Low Power Mode
03:37 Check Battery Health and Optimize Battery Charging
04:57 Set Brightness and How To Turn Off Auto-Brightness
06:28 Which Charger To Use - Don't Use Fast Charge
08:07 Battery Saving Settings, Wifi, Bluetooth & Airplane Mode
09:21 Configure Or Turn Off Location Services
10:27 Turn Off Hey Siri and Siri Suggestions
11:32 Configure or Turn Off Background App Refresh
12:39 Turn Off 5G On The iPhone 12
13:26 Configure or Turn Off Fetch
14:51 Turn Of Vibrations

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