New 2021 BMW M3 Driven! Game over AMG and Audi!?
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 Published On Mar 10, 2021

The King is back!! #M3 competition road review. Thanks to Ridge for sponsoring this video! Visit” and use code “RBR” for 10% off.

The grille, it probably hurts those who don’t like it more, because this is the Flagship of #BMWM, an undeniable fact when you look at its history! But I’ve had quite the different run up to driving this car. I got to see it before the launch, and thus looked at it with fresh eyes and no outside opinions. And for me as a big AMG fan, the more aggressive look appealed to me. It reminded me of the old 328, the modern 328 hommage, or the epic CSL Hommage concept.

Back then that #W M3 was in Green, then I got to see a stealthy matte grey when I visited the M Town set to film the ad for the performance wheels, this made me more of a believer. The M3 touring I saw in secret finished it off!!

And finally today, the big drive. I’ve already driven both the M4 and this M3, and as a spoiler I can tell you, they’ve both smashed my expectations to pieces!

M have worked hard on the new M3, but it gets lost in the controversial grille, and the similar performance on paper: not to mention the X3m not helping with it’s lacklustre introduction using the same engine.

But looking inside as we will today, everything is from scratch. New engine, 8 speed ZF gearbox, suspension, exhaust system, rigidity measure... Tonnes has been done to make these cars as good as they are, l no stone left unturned, so where on paper performance seems similar it’s the drive that really shows us more! Today we’re going to do a deep dive and check out every detail and then burn some rubber M Town style in the new M3 comp!

In this first look we go over:

- M3 Body vs the standard 3 series
- The design details
- Engine internals
- Turbos, crankshaft, 3d printing
- Standard M3 Manual vs Competition and AWD M XDrive M3
- The exhaust system - pipes, OPF, vales
- New M3 exhaust sound
- M performance exhaust
- All M3/4 Wheel options
- Tyre size changes
- Suspension
- Cooling and aerodynamics
- Full performance review
- Stiffening and rigidity
- Weight reduction
- M Compound brakes vs Ceramics
- New M3 Touring
- Interior review
- M carbon bucket seats
- Rear Seat space
- Full road review
- Conclusion

Up next on on RBR is our first Bentley review, the new M4 review and MUCH MUCH More!! Subscribe to support us and see them first. :)

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