Descendants 3: The Truth About Evie's Backstory
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 Published On Mar 15, 2019

Do you Know All The Sad Details Behind Evie's Backstory From Descendants?
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Evie goes on a great journey of self-discovery throughout the course of Disney Channel’s “Descendants” franchise. With her friends from the Isle of the Lost — Mal, Jay and Carlos — and her new friends Doug and Ben, Evie learns so much when she attends Auradon prep. Starting out being obsessed with her looks and finding a prince, she evolves to discover the worth of being smart, talented and kind. But have you ever wondered what made Evie like this in the first place?

In this video, you’ll learn all about Evie’s backstory. From the impact of her mom the Evil Queen to the question of who her father is, we cover it all. You’ll also find out which friend she used to crush on, and which friend used to be her enemy. You won’t believe it! Spoiler alert: we’re revealing what happens in the “Isle of the Lost” prequel novel. Check out our video to discover everything you ever wanted to know about Evie and remember to subscribe to TheThings!

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