The Real Reason Uma's Father Will Reveal Himself In Descendants 4
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 Published On Aug 10, 2020

Who Is Uma's Real Dad? Why You Might Finally Find Out..

What up, Disney “Descendants” fans, we’re delving into more unanswered questions today, by diving into the subject of Uma’s father. We know that the Captain of the pirate gang has Ursula the Sea Witch from “The Little Mermaid” as her mom. But who’s the daddy? We’ve lined up three possible candidates for the position of mystery father. Two of them are “Descendants” villains we’ve already met in the film franchise. They’re existing VKs’ parents on the Isle of the Lost, so that would mean Uma had siblings that she didn’t know about. But one of our theories comes from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and that’s a whole fascinating story of legends and mystery.

Hit play to see why we predict that Uma and her dad could be the focus of “Descendants 4”. After all, Mal reunited with her father in “D3”. So next up it’s Uma’s turn. Let’s not forget that Mal and Uma did great things together thanks to the combined power of Hades’ ember and Ursula’s Nautilus necklace. You’ll want to learn why that nugget of information is important in our theorizing about Uma’s dad. We also bring all the behind-the-scenes secrets about Uma’s link with Freddie Facilier both on- and off-screen. Dr. Facilier’s daughter has quite the link with Ursula’s daughter. Be sure to subscribe to TheThings to be the first to know when we release more great videos like this one, and hit that like button if you’d like Disney to hurry up already and announce that “D4” is in the works. Thanks for watching!

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Written by: Elle Taylor
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