The ULTIMATE Fallout 4 Build! WORKING Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher
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 Published On Jul 29, 2019

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Bill is a BIG fan of Fallout and after making the Mini-nuke we got so many suggestions to make the Fat Man he just couldn't resist! But he wanted to go a step further than making a simple replica...


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Tools & Materials:

Ultra Dual Temp Hot Glue Gun DT-3100F
Construction Grade 1 minute Glue Sticks
Detail Nozzles

2020 Aluminum Extrusion - Amazon

Straight Line Connector - Amazon

Hex Wrench - Amazon

Ultimaker 2+ Extended - Ultimaker

1/8" aluminum - Amazon

Center punch - Amazon

Band Saw - Amazon

Disk/Belt sander - Amazon

Drill Press - Amazon

Countersink bit - Amazon

M5 slim T-Nuts - Amazon

M5 screws - Amazon

M5 tap bit - Amazon

UHMW - Amazon

Jam nut - Amazon

Surgical tubing - Amazon

U bracket - Amazon

Hole Corner Bracket - Amazon

Vice - Amazon

Oscillating Spindle sander - Amazon

Zip Tie - Amazon

Leather Hole Punch - Amazon

Safety Glasses - Amazon

Metal Lathe - Amazon

Washers - Amazon

Safety Lock - Amazon

1/4" aluminum - Amazon

Cable - Amazon

Springs - Amazon

Rubber - Amazon

Face shield - Amazon

Super Glue - Amazon

Super Glue Accelerant - Amazon

5-Minute Epoxy - Amazon

Acid Brushes - Amazon

Foam PVC Plastic (Sintra) - Amazon

High Density Foam - SKS Props

Foredome Rotary Tool - Amazon

Utility Knife - Amazon

EVA Foam - TNT Cosplay Supply

Cardboard Tube - Home Depot

Foam Dowels - TNT Cosplay Supply

Full Spectrum Laser Cutter - Amazon

Styrene - Amazon

Plastic Weld Glue - Amazon

Heat Gun - Amazon

123 Blocks - Amazon

Mod Podge - Amazon

Sponge Brush - Amazon

Primer - Amazon

Airbrush - Amazon

Angelus paint - Angelus

Airbrush cleaning station - Amazon

Palette - Amazon

Chip Brush - Amazon

Iron B Metal Coating - Sculpt Nouveau

Rust Patina Spray - Sculpt Nouveau

Matte Sealer - Amazon

Masking Tape - Amazon

Water soluble oil paints - Amazon

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