10 Jokes Only Adults Understood In Frozen 2
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 Published On Nov 23, 2019

Frozen 2 Had A Lot Of Hidden Jokes
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Yes, Disney movies are technically are for younger audiences. But a lot of the best moments in Disney’s new musical are tailored to an older audience. Whether they were trying to sweeten the deal for parents or just keep themselves stimulated while making the thing, let’s take a look at the best adult-only moments from Frozen 2.

Of course, there’s the soon-to-be-famous leather line, where Anna gives a hint at how she and Kristoff get down behind closed doors, as we’re sure many parents of Frozen fans also do.

Not to be outdone is the left-field, but laser accurate, Michael Bolton tribute sung by Kristoff. Everything about his solo, “Into The Woods,” is a callback to performers like Bolton. The guitar sound, the crossfade, those echoey synths. It’s all there, and you can bet that parents the world over will be surprised at all the nostalgic laughs in this movie geared towards their kids.

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