GLE 53 and the Unexpected Design! Mr AMG First Look!
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 Published On Mar 18, 2019

First AMG of the new GLE family!! And that is the GLE63... wait no, GLE53..! It’s that AMG grill it’s so confusing!!

This is the new GLE 53 4matic+, and rather look at it in Geneva, in typical RBR style we are borrowing it! This GLE AMG is a part hybrid in-line 6 turbo, just like the E53 and CLS53 we tested recently! We will look briefly at the engine but I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, this looks like the 63 car!

This AMG panamericana grille till now used to be reserved only for full 63 AMGs like the new G63, or for the AMG GT family cars. And then we had entry level AMG cars like the 35, 43 and 53 cars all with the twin blade classic grille. Two faces to differentiate two power levels. Now that’s all changed and the GLE53 has the Panamericana grille! I will explore the reasoning behind this as well as what it means for the future of AMG design.

As mentioned, it’s the usual 53 flavour of in line 6 petrol engine with 435 520nm, and fully variable power in the AMG 4matic+ all wheel drive system and between that and the 9-speed gear box is your hybrid power: the EQ Boost starter generator adding + 22hp and 250nm. The GLE53 0-60 is only 5.3 seconds.

That system also charges the 48v system of the car, a system that allows more current and thus clever new systems. Mainly the new AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL air suspension, based on AMG Ride control+. But best of all, GLE 53 also gets the AMG performance exhaust system!

But will the GLE63S be different enough? What else has changed vs the GLE 450?

In this first look I explore:

- The GLE53 and the AMG grille
- Future of AMG exterior design
- The AMG GLB 35
- Exterior Design
- The Hybrid Powertrain
- The New GLE63 S
- Interior Design
- AMG MBUX system
- 7 seat option

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