The Apps That Make The iPad Pro Worth Owning (2020)
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 Published On Apr 17, 2020

This is a followup video to the popular video with a similar title I made about a year ago. Some things have changed since then: we now have Trackpad and Mouse support on iPadOS and there are some apps from the previous video I don't use anymore and others that I've since discovered. Hope you get some good ideas here!

Scroll down for the list of apps from Twitter!

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Twitter users favorite iPad Pro apps:
Affinity Photo, Microsoft Office, Procreate, LumaFusion, Notability, Apple Notes, Jumsoft Money, Autodesk Sketchbook, Spark, Things, Drafts, Airtable, GoodNotes, iA Writer, Day One, Yoink, Lightroom, Retouch, Hootsuite, Pocket,, Ferrite, Shortcuts, Lightroom, Fantastical, Zapier, Data Jar, Toolbox Pro, Pushcuts, Filmic Remote, Pixelmator Photo, Affinity Designer, Microsoft Outlook, Shelly SSH, VLC, Pixlr, Spark Mail, Shiftscreen, Marvel Strike Force, Apple TV Plus, Call Of Duty Mobile, Jump Desktop, Reeder, Notion, Noto, Ulysses, Nebo, LaunchCuts, Microsoft OneNote, WebEx, Flipboard, Adobe Fresco, Terminus, FaceTime, Jumbo, Keynote, Disney+, Prisma, Shapr3D, Google News, Netflix, Scribd, OneCast, Scanbot, Calculator Widget, Textastic, Working Copy, GoodReader

Time stamps:
0:38 - This is a followup video
0:56 - YOUR favorite iPad Pro apps (list)
1:11 - What makes an app worthy of the iPad Pro?
2:24 - Apps I'm still using from the last video
2:38 - Apps I'm not using anymore from the last video
3:06 - My essential widgets
3:46 - Some of the work apps I rely on on my iPad Pro
3:51 - PDF Expert
4:20 - Screens VNC
5:00 - Ferrite Pro
5:52 - Filmic Pro
6:25 - Sketches Pro
7:00 - Loooom
7:20 - Goodnotes vs Notability (a quick note)
7:39 - A few other pro apps I don't use but that you might
7:57 - Morpholio Trace
8:15 - Shapr3D
8:32 - A note about AR and the new iPad Pro's LiDAR scanner
9:36 - Some entertainment apps that are better on the 12.9" iPad Pro
9:54 - A quick mention of gaming on the iPad Pro
10:10 - Some of Apple's own apps that make the Pro worth it

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