This Is What Happened To Anna After Happily Ever After
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 Published On Nov 16, 2018

Anna From Frozen after Happily Ever After


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If there’s one thing Disney has always tried to teach us, it’s that love always prevails. We’ve seen this theme over and over again, and somehow, we’re not sick of it yet! Although this theme might get recycled, the way it’s delivered doesn’t. This was demonstrated in “Frozen” when Elsa’s love ends up saving her sister, Anna, and not Kristoff’s.
Instead of embracing her powers, Elsa was made to feel like she needed to conceal them. This caused her to feel shame and regret for most of her childhood. Fortunately for her, her powers ousted themselves on the day of her coronation, causing her to flee Arendelle in a haste. Knowing that she couldn’t rule the kingdom alone, Anna went after her sister and risked everything to bring her home. Although the battle was won, we know very little about what followed. So, with this in mind, we’re going to find out what Princess Anna’s been up to ever since her sister’s actual coronation.


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