Allah Blocks Your Forgiveness For This Sin
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 Published On Jun 17, 2019


As you all know by now that OUR CHANNEL HAS BEEN DEMONETIZED by YouTube since Ramadan and we can no longer run this channel without your help.

Sadly YouTube was our only way to cover the basic cost that is needed for this channel to remain alive but that has been taken away from us unfairly and unjustly and this is why we need your help. To keep this channel active, we have set up a membership page ( ) where your support can allow us to continue making videos here daily/regularly.

We're simply asking help for the price of a coffee just to keep the channel running for the things we need like licensed footage, images, audios, paying editor, ...etc. We just need the bare minimum to keep the channel running and secured from future problems like this.

Brothers and sisters, I'm sure you spend $10's of dollars a month on trivial things and worldly matters (Netflix and other entertainment service) but can you not support a cause that helps 100,000 people a day spiritually and gets them closer to Allah?

Alhamdulillah we get around 100,000 views a day on our videos, if only 10% of our active viewers were to support us, we'd reach our goal within few hours. Right now we are at 42% of our target goal to run this channel.

❱ Support us as much as you can here:

❱ If you can't support monthly, you can make one-time donation here:

Brothers and sisters, help us get back on track of making videos daily so we can do something for the Ummah and bring Muslims closer to Allah and their Deen. InshaAllah your help will not go to waste, your reward will be by Allah.

If you cannot or don't want to support us, then that's perfectly fine, just share our videos for others to benefit and make Dua for us that Allah allows us to continue making videos to spread his message with peace, love and mercy. Jazak Allah Khair.


All our stock footage is licensed for LoveAllah328 channel, and vocals are produced exclusively for our content.

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Allah Makes a Big Deal of This Sin

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