Living Links: Tafsir of Surah al-Kahf, 1 of 20
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 Published On Jul 24, 2018

Content Outline:
0:0:08 Bismillah/Welcome (Faraz Khan)
0:0:36 Why This is NOT a Tafsir
0:03:24 What Benefit Can be Derived
0:10:10 Connecting to the Quran
0:13:31 The Healing Power of the Quran
Beginning of Surah al-Kahf - Ayah 01
0:14:35 Bismillah
0:15:32 (I) The “Baa” of Bismillah
0:16:57 (II) The “Ism” of Bismillah
0:20:00 (III) “Bismillah”
0:21:25 (IV) The Contingent Existence of All Things
0:24:38 (V) Why “Bismillah” and Not “Billah”
0:28:02 Al-Rahman Al-Rahim
0:28:57 (I) Al-Rahman
0:30:39 (II) Al-Rahim
0:31:59 (III) Embracing the Need of Allah (SWT)
0:36:03 Alhumdulillah
0:36:38 (I) “Alhumdulillah” the “Alif and Lam”
0:40:18 (II)a “Alhumdulillah” A Practical Understanding
0:47:12 (II)b “Alhumdulillah” and Understanding Gratitude
0:54:00 (III) “Alhumdulillah” and Its Translations
01:02:47 He(SWT) Sent Down the Book
01:03:45 (I)a The One Who It Was Sent Down Upon (SAW)
01:08:28 (I)b The Messenger (SAW) Belonging to Allah (SWT)
01:11:35 (I)c The Auspicious Night of the 27th

Questions, Comments and Answers

01:16:08 Question 1: What was the difference between ‘ibadah, ‘ubudiyah and ‘abudah?
01:19:27 Question 2: What should we do upon giving or receiving praise and recognition to or from someone other than Allah(SWT)?

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