911 Targa Heritage: Pure Porsche Car Porn! Full Review
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 Published On May 01, 2021

Limited Edition Heritage 911, and the first of 4 new heritage models!! Welcome back to RBR guys, now I had no intention of making a video on this, but after I saw it at #Porsche’s press department I simply couldn’t deprive you of it!

Only 992 examples will be built, matching the internal model series code, and this Heritage edition will be the first of 4 specifically for the new #911. Later in the review, I’ll take a guess as to a few more that might come!

As you saw in our first review (link below) the first Targa came in 1967, and after a few design misfires, the modern one returned in 991 with the original design, and a hugely complex two piece folding system - It consists of two parts, front soft top and rear glass. And it takes only 19 seconds to open and close, and must be done at standstill!

Full 992 Targa 4S review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE8TZQjxhnk

One of the main features is theLuggage compartment grille, which is reminiscent of the one that was awarded back in the day when a Porsche 356 reached the 100,000 kilometres mark, a seal of quality from the past; you’ll see a lot link to the 356 in this video.

The 1963 Porsche Crest features on the bonnet, steering wheel, wheel centres and vehicle key: again from 356. The spear livery was also seen on 356’s in the past, and you can choose a start number of your choice. Unique Alloy wheels in Carrera Exclusive Design and classic-look brake callipers finished in Black finish the exterior off, and the heritage is available in Cherry Metallic, GT Silver, Crayon, Black, Guards red or PTS paint to sample.

Inside, it has Bordeaux Red or Black leather with OLEA club leather in Atacama Beige. That 1963 Porsche Crest on the bonnet features also on steering wheel, vehicle key, and also embossed on the head restraints and key pouch. Coolest touch is the corduroy on seats and door trims - again a material used in the Porsche 356, rare in these times. And finally, Green Dials for the driver zone and sports Chrono watch throwback to 356 speedometer.

Porsche will also offer customers with aMatching Porsche Design Chronograph, with the leather colour, green dial and even alloy design on the rear, all in limited numbers - limited to 992 units!
As for performance, the heritage has the same 450BHP, 530NM and 0-60 as the normal 4S: but we test the launch control to be much faster! So today we explore:

- New Heritage 911 Series
- Targa Roof operation
- Inspiration for the Targa Heritage
- Exterior Design
- Paint colours available
- Throwbacks to the Porsche 356
- Porsche Classic Badges
- Interior Review
- 911 Sports Exhaust revs
- Targa 4S Launch control
- Full driving review
- Conclusion

FYI: I Forgot to mention in the video, you can record your own launch controls with the Racebox Pro device: use the code RBR10 for a 10% discount code off race box pro! - https://www.racebox.pro

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