How to make Astrid's Dragon Helmet! - HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3
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 Published On May 13, 2019

Bill shows you how to make a helmet fit for a dragon tamer - all with EVA foam! He also shows you how to make amazing colors with awesome products from Plaid.


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Tools & Materials

PLAID Materials:

Folk Art Color shift Paints

Dragonfly Glaze (glittery paint)

Glossy Mod Podge

Folk Art Acrylic Paints



Matte Spray Mod Podge

Folk Art Metallic Paint

SKS Props HD Foam
10mm Foam
2mm Foam

Utility Knife - Amazon

Heat Gun - Amazon

Gloves - Amazon

Respirator - Amazon

6001 Filters - Amazon

Contact Cememnt - Amazon

Super Glue - Amazon

Rotary Tool - Amazon

Caulk - Amazon

Sandpaper - Amazon

Hobby Knife - Amazon

Metal Edge Ruler - Amazon

Blue Shop Towels - Amazon

Foam Brushes - Amazon

Googly Eyes - Amazon

Primer - Amazon

Masking Tape - Amazon

Optional Tools:

Pattern Notcher - Amazon

123 Blocks - Amazon

Band saw - Amazon

Calipers - Amazon

Foredom Rotary Tool - Amazon

Glue Application Tool - Amazon

Super Glue Accelerant - Amazon

Contact cement thinner - Amazon

Acid brush - Amazon

Super Glue un-cure - Amazon

Double stick tape - Amazon

Tweezers - Amazon

Chip Brush - Amazon

Scouring pad - Amazon

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