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 Published On Apr 15, 2021

Larva Compilation 🚑 Larva Full Episode 🥟Cartoons - Comics - Comedy 🥟 New Animation Movies Netflix

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The larva is a series of episodes. The animation shows two larvae as the main characters. Larva made by Tuba Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea.

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Yellow - is a dim and happy yellow caterpillar with an antennae. Yellow is abused by Red a lot, but this never threatens their friendship. Although she usually listens to Red, she loses her mind before eating. Yellow is angry with Red because he takes everything for Red, and Red always fights him. She turns from yellow to brown and turns green tones around her mouth when she experiences extreme emotions.
Red - mostly hot and greedy caterpillar in red. Arrogant and often seen as abusing Yellow, Red usually ends up doing the same harm. He usually screams like Bruce Lee when he is scared or angry.

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