Getting Into Resin 3D Printing in 2021 - Ultimate SLA Beginners Guide
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 Published On Apr 04, 2021

In this video I go over everything you need to know to get started in resin 3d printing. I cover the technology, picking out a printer, picking our resin, safety, slicing, printing, and cleaning.

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This video is sponsored by Nova3D and they provided the Elphin 2 printer shown in this video.
You can buy the printer here:

This video is also sponsored by Yousu, and they provided the resin.
You can buy the resin here:

Other affiliate links to get all the stuff you see in the video. Using these links helps support my channel. So it really helps me if you use these links when sharing these items also.

This is that amazing deal on the plastic sheeting. Notice that all the other roll sizes are more like $20-$30. But this one is only $5:

Plastic Food Trays - 12 count of 12x16:
(There are some 10x14 ones that are cheaper. But the bigger ones are better for 3d printing)

The rubber mats as seen in the resin handling video-
(I normally use both and put the rubber mats on the food trays)

Metal Funnels -
Spray Bottles -
Nitrile Gloves -
My Mask -

UV Lamp -

And this is the other resin I use, Siraya Tech:

Here is my favorite Atari Hat:
Here is the hat I'm wearing in this video:

These are not the exact ones from the video but look pretty good:
Metal Scraper:
Safety Glasses:

I also want to thank Formlabs for being gracious and allowing me to use some of their footage for this video. For more information about Formlabs printers go here:

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