GameStop, DeFi, the Queen's Gambit & More [Bitcoin Ethereum Crypto Open Topic Q&A] - January 2021
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 Published On Jan 30, 2021

0:00:00 On hold
0:03:04 Intro and no sound
0:04:00 LET THERE BE SOUND! (followed by Intro and Welcome)
0:06:23 Will you please briefly explain the GameStop / WSB situation? And what is DeFi and how could the situation be different if GameStop was available in a DeFi setting instead of only in a centralized clearing house market? [Anonymous]
0:15:53 Can you comment on [Ray] Dalio's remarks relating to governments not allowing bitcoin to succeed? Can they prevent it? [dino]
0:24:56 Your optimism and myth debunking in bitcoin keeps me going, but your talk with Anita Posch last month caused me to lose sleep. Please elaborate in detail on the Queen's dilemma problem. It is, as you said, just slippery slope logic, right [Anonymous posing as Andreas]
0:34:51 Can miners refuse to include transactions, even if the transactions have sufficient fees? How can you be sure a transaction won't be censored [didier]
0:40:08 Say everyone understood bitcoin tomorrow, and we had all the manpower & funding needed, how long until we're ready for mass adoption/ (lightning, better interfaces etc) And how long until we have decentralized organizations & goverments (Do-Mescaline) [but don't]
0:44:09 I'm so obsessed I can't shut up about bitcoin with everyone I meet, now I worry I'll get robbed one day. I think I'll do Horcruxes - split it, maybe keep two Ledgers, give 2 to ppl I trust, keep some in Xapo and some in a bank or something? [Tom Riddle]
0:50:59 Rumors says that India is planning to ban all crypto currencies on Monday (1st Feb) during their financial budget announcement, in order to create India's digital currency. In what ways could this affect Bitcoin? [AQuantGuy]
0:55:11 I transferred my bitcoin with too low of a fee and it's been unconfirmed for 10 days. What should I do? [anonymous]
0:59:24 Choose Your Wallet workshop plug
1:02:01 In response to the hack, Ledger vaguely mentioned a new technical solution for protecting the mnemonic and also eluded to "insurance" for crypto. Do you have any speculations on what they may be developing? [Hamburger Helper]
1:06:07 Is it safe to store a BIP39 passphrase (aka 25th word) inside a password manager? [Anonymous]
1:08:15 Tee-up of best question in the world
1:08:42 Thank you to Patrons from Patreons
1:11:43 Hi Andreas, could you explain how Web 3.0 & open blockchains might stop Amazon, Twitter, Google & Facebook from having so much control of information? Such as Amazon Web Services refusing service to Parler? How much new/different hardware is necessary? [Anonymous]
1:18:27 Upcoming events and activities (moving to Sundays starting February)

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