Jaguar F-Type | A $45,000 V8 Gorilla
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 Published On Oct 16, 2020

We review the V8 RWD Jaguar F-Type to find out if this a great value in the GT car market. The Jag has the personality of a Dodge Hellcat, refinement of the Lexus LC500, and timeless styling. What is not to like? We discuss the good, bad, technical and so much more. No matter if you are a BMW, Honda or Twinkee fan, you will find something in the video to walk away with.

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00:00 - 1:15 Intro
1:15 - 3:44 Interior Impressions
3:44 - 7:12 Mechanical Impressions, Suspension, and Body
7:12 - 13:05 Transmission, Diff, Engine and Problems
13:05 - 18:43 Driving Impressions
18:43 Final Thoughts

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