Is The 2021 BMW M2 Competition Still The One To Get?
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 Published On Apr 02, 2021

This week I drove a stunning BMW M2 Competition and discussed whether or not I would take it over either the original M2, or the brand new M2CS? To say that this wasn't a fun exercise would be a lie, but I tried my best to weight out all factors involved.

Most prominently, there's cost, and it dictates most people's final choice. But, there's also factors ranging from maintenance/reliability, as well as the fact that these cars -- particularly the fact that N55 powered OG M2 and the S55 powered M2C I was driving today are ENTIRELY different cars in many ways.

Anyway, I discuss all of this, as well as why I enjoy the M2 Competition because of what it stands for as a new car in the current market. The fact that I was able to row my own gears... because BMW is one of not too many German brands to still offer us a Manual transmission at all (I'm talking to you Mercedes and Audi!!)

This is my take on the M2 vs M2C vs M2CS debate, tough! A delightful experience however, it still was -- and if you watch the video you'll surely see that... Long Live the M2!!!!

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I would ask 'Bimmer, Benz, or Bentley?' ... but if you're watching this video, I likely know the answer :)

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