2021 BMW M440i Review: The Good, the Grille and the Ugly!
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 Published On Dec 18, 2020

The New #BMWM M440i! There’s no stopping the BMW beaver face trend. Today we look at it in perhaps it’s more provocative form, in the new 4 series G22 coupe!

The engine is the brilliant B58 inline six turbo: 374BHP, 500NM and 0-60 in a sharp 4.5 seconds, linked to the 8 speed. So exactly the same as the 340i? Not quite, the 4 has a 48V electrical system and a small electric motor as is the trend these days, via a starter motor-generator and battery it gives an additional 11bhp boost.

In dimensions, too, the new model shifts further away from both the model it replaces and the 3er. It’s 13cm longer, 3cm wider and ever so slightly taller. Rear wider track than 3 series too. Unlike the 340i, it doesn’t have a normal face option for you to choose over the M4: sorry!

Christopher Weil is the head of BMW exterior design, argues that there is a long heritage of vertical shaped grilles on BMW cars that allow for this. He’s right of course, we explored some of these in the M4 video, but they were all either undeniably better proportioned or didn’t have a giant license plate to deal with. Comparing it to the previous 4 Series coupe, there’s a huge difference. Even the final M4 CS looks tame in comparison. Indeed, our M440i comes with the shadow blacked out grille, the face is even more prominent with the chrome version!

#BMW says it has purposely created the new 4 Series to be a more distinct stand-alone model with higher focus on quality, in an attempt to give it some exclusivity. It sounds like well thought out excuses made to disguise a polarising design decision, which it may well be, but only hindsight will tell us who is right! Will the looks be a deal breaker, or has this M440i achieved the goal of being more exclusive? Today we explore:

- “Concept 4” - 4 Series Concept
- Historic vertical grilles
- #4series grille
- New 4 series vs Old 4 Series
- M4 vs M440i
- M440i engine and chassis/internals
- M440i upgrades
- Exterior design
- 4 Series M Performance Parts
- Full performance review
- Exhaust sound
- Conclusion

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